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Larry Sarbit CEO & Chief Investment Officer


Sarbit Advisory Services
CEO & Chief Investment Officer
BA (Hons.) MA

As CEO and Chief Investment Officer for Sarbit Advisory Service, Larry Sarbit is a Canadian Financial Services veteran. In his partnership as Sub Advisor to IA Clarington, Larry maintains management over the funds under the same discipline he is known for within his investment style. Starting his career in 1979 with Richardson Securities as an analyst, Larry began his long study of the U.S. market.

Larry went on to become a portfolio manager for Investors Group in 1987. He managed the U.S. Growth Fund (now called IG U.S. Large Cap Value Fund) from November 1987 – March 1998. Larry inherited just over $185 million in assets, and by the time of his departure from Investors Group, Larry was managing over $3 billion in assets.

In November 1999, Larry went to AIC and launched the AIC American Focused Fund. Larry managed the AIC American Focused Fund from November 1999 – March 2005. The assets Larry managed went from 0 to just over $2.2 billion in that time.

Today, Larry Sarbit is one of Canada’s best known and most highly respected asset managers. With over 25 years of experience managing investment funds, he is an industry leader with a proven track record and a strong reputation.

Undeterred by industry fads and trends, Sarbit has returned above average gains throughout his asset management career by following his successful investment philosophy of buying a great business at a bargain price, while managing with discipline and patience.


“I believe there is a place in the market for investments made in a common-sense, business-like fashion. This simple approach works because it is built on truth and logic”