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Tim Skelly Portfolio Manager


Sarbit Advisory Services
Portfolio Manager
CFA, B.Comm. (Hons.)

Sarbit was very fortunate to have acquired the talents of Tim Skelly, CFA, who double majored in Finance and Accounting, at the renown Asper School of Business, established by media mogul Israel Asper.

“With Tim, I saw an individual who grasped the concepts of true value investing, so much so, that today, he is making a major contribution to our IA Clarington Sarbit US Equity Trust and Corporate funds”, indicates Larry Sarbit. Tim has been able to hone his skill set under the tutelage of Larry, who has served as his mentor for nearly four years.

Larry reiterates: “The advantage of having someone like Tim, is that we all share the same investment philosophy, methodology and drive to find those bargains.”

Tim also completed the Canadian Securities Course, and earned his CFA designation in 2015.