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Sarbit Advisory Services, led by well –known value portfolio manager Larry Sarbit, is pleased to announce the strengthening of its investment team, by promoting Tim Skelly and Jonathan Rotem to Associate Portfolio Managers.

Under Sarbit’s tutelage, Skelly and Rotem, who have been working with Larry for nearly half a decade, have honed their skill set by following closely in his investment footsteps. “I have worked day in and day out with these two talented individuals and they both understand my investment philosophy and follow it to a tee when making active contributions in our stock selection.” Sarbit declared.

Larry Sarbit has had a history of staying the course and by adhering to his strict investment discipline over a 25 year history, with returns that reflect this focused investment style.

As sub advisors to IA Clarington, Larry has Mr. Skelly following the U.S. equity markets, while Mr. Rotem focuses primarily on the Activist strategy. Both individuals feel privileged to be aligned so closely with Mr. Sarbit. “I recognized the opportunity that I was being given right from the start,” Skelly states. “It’s remarkable to learn from someone with such an incredible history, and renowned for his long held discipline.” Mr. Sarbit’s endorsement reflects his commitment to reinforce his research and investment team as Sarbit continues to conduct business. These promotions do just that.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Sarbit laughs and reminds us that Buffett is well into his 80’s and still investing. “I eat, sleep and breathe the stock market – just ask my wife, who recognizes my wish to never retire.” “Why would I, when I love what I do, am committed to the investors and get rejuvenated every time I talk to advisors who remind me how long we have been doing business together?” The Sarbit team can now continue to build on its success as Tim Skelly and Jonathan Rotem are slowly introduced to all those who have come to know and trust Larry Sarbit over his 30 plus career.

For more information please contact:

Harvey Berkal
President, Sarbit Advisory Services

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